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Our Products

Passion for Sugar Free believes people should be able to make the lifestyle switch and cut out processed sugar from their diets with minimal obstacles. This can be done without giving up their favourite sweet treats and snacks. In Australia, it is a little bit tricky as there is a lack of awareness about what is available to replace our favourite sugary treats and snacks.


Our goal is to provide Australians with access to high quality sugar free products which do not compromise on flavour and where the ingredients will not have a clear negative effect on health (based on recommended levels of consumption).

We currently mainly supply sugar free drink mix powder products including Gatorade Zero sugar free powder, Propel (made by Gatorade), Skittles, Starburst and Sunkist. Check out our products on offer on our website shop, or also on our ebay store.

Sugar alcohols seem to be present in most sugar free options in the market. Unfortunately a significant percentage of the population experiences digestive issues when consuming sugar alcohols. This means some people have to seriously limit the quantity of sweet foods, or some even give up on their journey to cut sugar from their diets. 

We want to help people find products that do not contain sugar alcohols and still maintain high quality sweet flavour profiles to enjoy. 


If you have any products you would like to purchase and cannot find easily in Australia, feel free to contact us and we will definitely explore every inquiry and reply back with a response (even if that means pointing you to a local Australia retailer who is selling the product.)

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