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About Us

Passion for Sugar Free was started to provide consumers better access to information regarding sugar free sweeteners and better access to sugar free products that are not easily accessible in Australia.

We are not experts in the industry, but we do know how to examine evidence and investigate the claims made in various areas. There are a lot of alarming headlines out there about sugar free sweeteners which can scare people away from consuming them.


However few people look closely at the evidence behind these alarming claims, which show these claims have been questionable at best.


A lot of people realise the damaging health effects of sugar. But the alarming claims about sugar free sweeteners keep people away from making the switch. We want to help summarise the evidence for people and help them realise the benefits of making the switch far outweigh any risks of consuming sugar free sweeteners.


This is reinforced even more by the major food authorities which support the safety of sugar free sweeteners.

We want to help address any concerns regarding sugar free sweeteners, which is why we are committed to open and transparent communication with all enquiries. You can contact us directly so we can together discuss and explore any concerns.

We believe the more discussions we have about sugar free sweeteners, the more beneficial this will be for the wider community as we further realise where we can cut out sugar without compromising on flavour.

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