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Pure Kick Hydrate sachets contain 7 essential electrolytes and 3 essential vitamins. They come in 3 unmatched sweet fruity flavours without the sugar to keep your goals on target:

Strawberry Watermelon, Citrus,Concord Grape & Sonic Limeade.


The sweet juicy flavor doesn't stop until you do andis perfect for workouts and giving it your all.


Each single serve sachet contains:


- 100mg sodium

- 110mg potassium

- 21mg magnesium

-8.2mg zinc (25% recommended DI)

- 27.5mcg selenium  (50% recommended DI)

- 1.15mg manganse  (50% recommended DI)

- 17.5mcg chromium  (50% recommended DI)


- 225mcg vitamin A (25% recommended DI)

- 22.5mg vitamin C (25% recommended DI)

- 3.8mg vitamin C (25% recommended DI)


Single serve sachets means you don't need to carry around extra plastic bottles and can simply create a fresh bottle of hydrating fruit drink anywhere and anytime.


Each box contains 6 servings.


Simply add 1 sachet to a 500ml water bottle (or a large glass of water), shake until well mixed, and enjoy! Depending on your personal preference you can add more water to dilute the flavour or use less water to get an even stronger flavour.


This product is sweetened with Aspartame and Ace Sulfame Potassium which are approved for use by Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) and the US FDA.


Pure Kick Hydrate - Sugar Free Drink Mix - 6 Servings - 4 Flavour Choices

  • This product will be delivered unopened in it's original box.

    Comes in 3 flavour options: 

    Strawberry Watermelon


    Concord Grape.

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