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Crystal Light Energy products are single serve, fruity flavoured powder packs with 60mg of caffeine to help power you through the day. (This is equivalent to a standard cup of coffee)


Single serve powder form mean you don't need to carry around extra plastic bottles and can simply create a fresh bottle of caffeinated fruit drink anywhere and anytime.


Each box contains 44 powder sachets, each making 1 serving:


- 11 servings X peach mango

- 11 servings X wild strawberry

- 11 servings X citrus

- 11 servings X grape


That comes to less than $1 per serving!


Simply add 1 sachet to a 600ml water bottle (or a large glass of water), shake until well mixed, and enjoy! Depending on your personal preference you can add more water to dilute the flavour or use less water to get an even stronger flavour.


This product is sweetened with Aspartame which is approved for use by Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) and the US FDA.


Crystal Light Sugar Free Energy Drink Powder (5 Boxes X 44 Servings)


Wholesale Discount (Min 10)

Time for pre-orders can be up to 2 weeks before we ship to you.
  • This product will be delivered unopened in it's original packaging.


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