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Craving freeze dried candy but don't want the guilt from the sugar content?


ChocZero has come out with their freeze dried marshmallows which contain zero sugar, so you can induldge in these dehydrated marshmallow bits that are in fun naturally colored shapes.


Like other ChocZero products, they are sweetened with monk fruit and no added sugar to make them low carb. No artificial food dye or sweeteners. And no sugar alcohols.


They are also gluten free and contain 24g of prebiotic fiber per serving.


A fun keto snack for the whole family: kids will love adding prebiotic fiber to their breakfast and adults will appreciate recreating lucky cereal experiences by sprinkling some magic marshmallows.


Gluten free and sugar free, these keto marshmallows are great for anyone on any diet or lifestyle health journey. A crunchy marshmallow experience with sweetness in each better bite!

ChocZero Freeze Dried Sugar Free Marshmallows 4oz (113g) - Keto Friendly

  • This product will be delivered unopened in it's original box.

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