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Wholesale FAQs

Do you offer wholesale on your sugar free products?

Yes! As we have developed our relationship with the manufacturers, we are now able to provide wholesale quantities of your favourite sugar free products at discounted rates.

Please rest assured our wholesale offering will not impact our retail store which will still commit to same day delivery.


What is the difference between buying retail vs wholesale on this website?

There are a few main differences between our retail offering and our wholesale store.

1) Our retail store offers same day shipping. Our wholesale store ships in 1-2 weeks of order confirmations.

2) Our retail store has a capped shipping cost of $8.50 for standard shipping (and $12.50 for express shipping). Our wholesale store will ship at cost.

3) Our retail store has limited quantities of items and can go out of stock due to unexpected factors, such as surge in demand of certain products or supply issues.

4) There is a difference in some products we offer in both retail and wholesale.

5) Our wholesale store offers bigger discounts, which can further increase if you buy more (see below for more details.)

What sort of discounts are available in the wholesale store?

Our wholesale store offers a flat 10% discount compared to our retail store. This increase to 15% if you add 10 items to your cart.

How does the wholesale store work?

Similar to our online retail store you can add the items you like to your cart and checkout. Once the order is placed, the items will ship within 1-2 weeks. 

Can I buy from the retail and wholesale store at the same time?

Yes, but we cannot offer same day shipping in this case or any discounts on any items added from our retail store.

All items will be shipped together 1-2 weeks after the order is placed.


Can we work together on an alternative wholesale arrangement?

Absolutely. Please contact us on with your wholesale requirements.

We can accommodate various request including doing orders based on a deposit, a mixture of various items, add any items which are not available on our wholesale store etc.  

How is shipping calculated?

Unfortunately unlike our retail store, we cannot offer the capped shipping.

Shipping is calculated using the Australia Post system, which calculates based on distance (from Sydney, NSW)

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